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Hyper ARTificial

Ensemble Sargo presents multimedia concert

Hyper ARTificial focuses on creating an interactive environment that combines different art forms in an innovative yet unified way. It forms the basis of a thematic research on the future of art, the position of the artist in our time and the role and integration of artificial intelligence in our society.
Ensemble Sargo:
Katrin Szamatulski, Flute
Manuela Villiger, Saxophone
Sonya Suldina, Violin
Sara Käser, Cello
Asia Ahmetjanova, Piano
Luca Musy, Percussion
Victor Alexandru Colțea, artistic director, composer
Guest: Viviane Hasler, Soprano
The first premiere in our new programme HYPERARTificial was written by Martin Jaggi. The cellist and composer from Basel has been teaching New Music Interpretation at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music (National University of Singapore) since 2016.
His new work „Float Pieces“ was inspired by traditional malay folk song from Singapore. The title itself is derived from the geological term Float – Pieces of rock that have been broken off and moved from their original location by natural forces such as frost or glacial action.
„ESCAPE ROOM#3 : STREKOZY“ is the title of the new piece by the composer and bass player Dragos Tara. „STREKOZY“ is the third episode of a series of games called ESCAPE ROOM and is inspired by a spiral movement. It consists of a Playground, which is a reservoir of Cards (a collection of sound gestures) that the musicians use to find their way through each Spin (different parts of the game). The Spins are defined by the Video score.
Bern based composer Nemanja Radivojević wrote a new piece for Ensemble Sargo called „ogledi i iskustva: …skladnošću prilazim…“ (essays and experiences:…congruously I approach…) for sextett and live-electronics. The electric sounds are randomly selected by a code-based music creation tool that the composer has coded himself. He will perform it live together with us.
Listen to our performance and interaction with the live-electronics.
“Hyper ARTificial” – a multimedia piece by our composer Victor Alexandru Coltea. It combines not only the classical structure of the concert with elements of electroacustic music, stage performance and video projections, but also a sound and sculptural installation.
His work deals with the position of the artist in today’s society, where we are surrounded by technology and artificial intelligence.
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24 Jun 2022




25.-/ 15.-


Theatre Oriental Vevey
Rue d'Italie 22, 1800 Vevey
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